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Sex toys for men

Products In Sex toys for men (Total Products 14, Showing: 1 -> 8)     1 2    [Next]

Ass Berrie
Ass Berrie   £6.99

Bad Boy
Bad Boy   £25.00

SexToy Cleaner
SexToy Cleaner   £5.50

The Lick
The Lick   £4.99

Anal Lite
Anal Lite   £25.00

Mouth Lite
Mouth Lite   £25.00

Naughty Boy
Naughty Boy   £15.00

Ramsey Rabbit
Ramsey Rabbit   £7.00

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Male sextoys have become so realistic it's difficult to tell a sex toy from the real thing these days.

Male sex toys have been designed to feel realistic. They need to replicate the soft warm feeling of the female genitals or a soft warm mouth offered from oral sex. The closest thing we have come to this over the last few years as masturbators for men.

So if your looking for any type of sex toy for men then this is the section for you.

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